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Welcome and thank you for visiting the Bryan Buttler Media Relations website.  I am thrilled that you took some time out of your busy day to check out how public relations can impact your organization.

A little about me: I was born and raised in the greater New York City and Philadelphia suburbs and had a passion for all types of communicating from a young age—theatre, writing, music, you name it.  While in high school and my early college years, I was a professional actor, which gave me a great appreciation of the hard work that artists and performers put into their craft.

I eventually ended up with two degrees in English and started teaching writing and communications at the college-level.  After several years, I found that education wasn’t fully fulfilling my creative desires, so I started to contribute to a number of Philadelphia-area blogs and publications.  This landed me some awesome experience, working part-time as a writer and editor at one of the city’s most predominant magazines.

However, after two years, the publication downsized and I was left back at square one.  However, a lightbulb went off.  It was through my own experience as a journalist interacting with public relations professionals that I saw what worked and what sorely didn’t.  I also learned the important element of relationship building in the media landscape on both sides of the table.

With that, Bryan Buttler Media Relations was born.  We service all types of organizations that are looking to “get the word out” about their passions and projects, but, leave it to the performer in me: we especially like working with entertainment organizations!

I still find it incredibly rewarding and humbling that we’ve grown so quickly and I am proud that some of the region’s most predominant entertainment organizations trust us with telling their story.  My hope is that you will join our family of incredible brands and companies who realize that public relations doesn’t have to be “scary.”

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